Lyme Disease

My Introduction to Lyme Disease

What went wrong? You may be wondering why I stopped writing early this summer!? The reason for the pause was a new wave of autoimmune symptoms such as plummeting energy levels, followed by waves of joint and connective tissue pains. The rapid onset of symptoms surprised me. Once again, I found myself struggling, having to function within my family and […]

NIGHT PROTECTION: TrueDark™ Twilight glasses

TrueDark™ Twilight glasses & your sleep – Review

A while ago I purchased TrueDark™ Twilight and Daywalker eyeglass set from TrueDark. In this review, we will examine the Twilight glasses with red lenses. Why do I use TrueDark™ Twilight glasses with red lenses? Twilights allow me to wind down faster after a busy day, get you ready for bed and give you a jump start on a real […]

Chronic Inflammation

Is chronic inflammation the root cause of our ailments?

There is better than a good chance that a chronic inflammation could be making us ill. Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, autism and many other diseases on the rise today have one common denominator – inflammation. What is Inflammation? Under normal circumstances it is our body’s response to injury, infection or pretty much anything that irritates your body. Well it […]

good fats, butter, olive oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, avocado oil

Good fats to use in your kitchen

Be picky, choose the good fats. Good fats have been a big part of my journey of discovery and healing my body and mind. Today, these help me function at optimal performance levels. Fats may be a contentious subject as many readers will disagree with my post. You will find a division even in the scientific community. Do your own research. […]

DAY PROTECTION: TrueDark™ Daywalker

TrueDark™ Daywalker Glasses – Review

A while ago I purchased TrueDark™ Twilight and Daywalker eyeglass set from TrueDark. In this review, we will examine the Daywalker glasses with yellow lenses. The purpose of the funky color is to filter out the blue light and other junk light wavelengths.  These in turn negatively impact your energy levels and health. To find out why exposure to some […]

City lights at night

Why you need to reduce exposure to junk light

What is junk light? Junk light is comprised of various types of artificial light created by humans through use of technology. Some types of junk light are worse than others. The most harmful are fluorescent and LED lights as these contain a lot of blue light wavelengths. Interesting fact: Blue light and color was not ever perceivable by humans until […]

Earthing, It is Free!

Earthing or Grounding

Feeling tired, not sleeping well? One of the remedies you are looking for may be earthing or grounding. So, what exactly is earthing? Earthing also called grounding is re-establishing connection with the earth using electrical conductivity. The purpose is to negatively charge your cells. When your cellular energy balance is more toward positive charge, you are likely to experience a […]