This is a story of yours truly, editor in chief.

My name is Lubo and I have a lot to share with you.

First a bit about me. I’m a regular guy blessed with two great children, house and a dog. We live in Ottawa, Canada.

During the day I have a lot of fun working in robotics and getting paid for it too! The work I do is extremely challenging, yet equally fulfilling. I wouldn’t have it any other way. For my personal fun you can find me riding my super-bike in the city, on country roads or a race track. The list goes on with enjoying simple things like sunshine, the beauty and wisdom of nature and human achievements.¬† However my greatest passion is learning and sharing what really makes us tick and excel in life.

In my personal quest I continue discovering long forgotten secrets of longevity and well being in ancient scripts and philosophy. I read papers on physical anthropology, evolutionary biology and I dig through research and findings in the latest books on functional and integrative medicine. I draw my own conclusions about what is good and what is not so great for us in terms of what we eat and what we think. While a lot of people only survive, I like to learn, experiment, optimize and thrive!

What makes me qualified to dispense any advice at all?

You be the judge of that.

My background is in chemistry and I have a true appreciation for the sciences. While I’m not a doctor or a researcher by training, I share their quest for knowledge and learning, which I practice daily.

Having a background in technology with a good dose of common sense in my DNA, does help. This has allowed me to develop ability to put together a large number of seemingly unrelated pieces of information and synthesize a system from it. It is sort of like building a puzzle, except sometime in real life you connect the wrong pieces. Naturally, this provides for hours of entertainment or frustration.

I don’t expect you to agree with all I write about. The content is designed to provoke you into thinking about the given subject. If you learn anything from this site that will improve the quality of your life, it is a mission accomplished for me.

Today, I thrive, I’m healthier, stronger and feel smarter than ever before. I’m in my early fifties, truly enjoying life. I feel no stress or anxiety. I practice what I preach. Take a look at¬†My Daily Sanity Checklist.¬†which is a work in progress and can serve as a master index, keeping track of items I would like you to become aware of.

The big why

Many of my peers are getting out of shape, already suffering physical or cognitive decline and taking serious medications. I’m moving in the opposite way, not having been sick with a cold or flu for several years now. A stroke of luck or an accident?


It hasn’t always¬†been like this though. My story truly started about a decade ago when I realized that ever so slowly, unnoticed, I was declining physically and mentally. Something was sucking the life out of me and I had no idea what or why.

My energy levels plummeted. I felt a great deal of stress reading technical documentation essential for my work and had a hard time retaining information. I was chronically stressed with my brain was in a perpetual state of fog. Given the circumstances I at times thought more about failure than success. Having suffered a traumatic brain injury I felt myself thinking into an abyss. With no direction, I started losing relationships with family and people close to me. My physical and mental health declined at a rapid rate. When I consulted practitioners of traditional medicine, I received questionable advice and was prescribed medications with severe side effects. I hit rock bottom and had no idea how to climb up.

The revelation

From all this came a startling realization. I needed to figure out the way out of my predicament on my own. The choice was clear, sort it out or die.

Out of ignorance comes light

I hit the books, Internet and struggled. Much of what I read was forgotten the next day as my learning didn’t consolidate into long term memory. It took an incredible effort and perseverance to stay the course. Trying to simplify, I adopted the attitude of this effort being just another engineering endeavor. Slowly, I started picking up tidbits of information that were at times not¬† condoned by medical community.

I examined what was deemed healthy and evaluated certain baselines. I concluded that our food guide is a total joke which fuels chronic inflammation, one of the most destructive conditions in human health. Finally, I came to realization that a single pill would not, could not fix my ailments. I had to approach the issue from more of a systemic side. I continued researching anti-inflammatory foods, supplements, human biochemistry & evolution, meditation, structured thinking, even quantum physics. Through study, trial and error that were not without misses, I started getting better. The more I learned, the more complete picture I formed and I’m just getting started. This big picture is still very much evolving with the new information discovered daily.

I’m sure there are many of you struggling as I was, looking for answers. You came to the right place. I’m passionate about the subject and against all odds was able to help myself. I trust I can do the same for anyone with open mind. I will continue sharing relevant information along with recommendations that may enhance your life.