Lyme Disease

My Introduction to Lyme Disease

What went wrong?

You may be wondering why I stopped writing early this summer!?

The reason for the pause was a new wave of autoimmune symptoms such as plummeting energy levels, followed by waves of joint and connective tissue pains.

The rapid onset of symptoms surprised me. Once again, I found myself struggling, having to function within my family and workplace without a fuel in the tank. 

I started troubleshooting, conducted root cause analysis, but came empty handed repeatedly.

My lifestyle is a balance of good nutrition, exercise, fresh air,
social interaction, fulfillment, presence in the moment and happiness (most of the time). 
The results I was getting made no sense. At this point I knew I was missing something fundamental.

For several months I continued my head scratching while my health was degrading.

The Symptoms

I started losing physical strength, my workouts at the gym became abysmal. I was only fighting pain, there was no gain. Regardless, I was still working out very lightly 3 – 4 times a week in an attempt to keep my hormones, neurotransmitters balanced and inflammation down.

I observed signs of dysbiosis, which is a microbial imbalance in your digestive tract. White film and blotchy, sore spots covered my tongue. My body’s detox and recovery mechanisms has slowed down to a crawl. I had to be very careful not to completely crash my body. Almost daily, I experienced wicked muscle cramps that lasted between 5 to 10 minutes. Besides these long cramps being horribly painful, your body gets suddenly flushed with stress hormones that further feed the inflammation.

I can handle the physical pain. However, when the cramping of this sort starts in the middle of the night making you jump out of bed form a deep sleep, the thought passed through my mind – what a great material for a heart attack!?

I knew I had to work faster and go for answers somewhere else.


As a plan A, I wanted to rule out leaky gut causing the inflammation. I searched for practitioners located in Ottawa that were able to facilitate testing at Cyrex Labs. More specifically, Array 2 test is an intestinal antigenic permeability screen test. This test looks at immune responses to inflammatory Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and proteins Zonulin & Occludin. These two proteins are involved in control of intestinal (epithelial cell) junctions. It turns out, there are still issues getting this testing done in Canada and appointments at some clinics can take months to get.

I made an appointment at a local naturopathic clinic and filled in an impressive 15-page intake form from The Institute for Functional Medicine.

This particular practitioner used a technique very similar to a Vega test that MDs smirk about.

Most importantly, these tests make your body react to certain substances, so the practitioner has a very good idea as to what substances you are sensitive to.

I do buy these types of tests for several reasons. First of all, I keep open mind to new ideas because I like to learn new things. Especially the controversial ones, I find provoking and stimulating. Besides, there are a few things in various branches of physics that we don’t fully understand related to energy, matter, particles of all sorts, time, theories, etc. Have you heard “Energy is, matter is not” or “energy and matter are two sides of the same coin?” Anyway, this subject is for another blog.

Test Results

After the testing was complete, we had a chat. He highlighted dysbiosis and Lyme disease as two potential, main causes of my ailments. Dysbiosis didn’t come as a surprise. I already knew this was one of the issues, but I had no idea about the cause. The Lyme came as big WHAT? He also informed me that because of some new ruling the clinic was unable to facilitate Cyrex tests.

Another Test and the Conclusion

I chewed on the news and made an appointment with another practitioner. The test results were identical – indicating possible Lyme disease. I realized that once infected with Lyme bacteria it can throw your entire microbial system out of balance, hence the dysbiosis. After putting that missing puzzle into the place, I started new wave of research to gain a better understanding of what I was dealing with.

More about what Lyme is and what is capable of will be covered in my next blog…

If you would like to take a jump start on Lyme, I highly recommend book Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner


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