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TrueDark™ Twilight glasses & your sleep – Review

A while ago I purchased TrueDark™ Twilight and Daywalker eyeglass set from TrueDark.

In this review, we will examine the Twilight glasses with red lenses.

Why do I use TrueDark™ Twilight glasses with red lenses?

Twilights allow me to wind down faster after a busy day, get you ready for bed and give you a jump start on a real good night sleep.  I find they have a real calming effect is if you were staring into a camp fire. I use them while writing before going to bed, including writing this article. While this takes a bit of a skill because of reduced light intensity, I got used to it with a little bit of training. Increasing font size also helps. Before I started using Twilights for working in the evening, I was having a hard time falling asleep and my sleep was rather shallow.

Physical attributes

Red lenses are incredibly effective at filtering undesired light. The frame is very lightweight, perfectly fitting, featuring a foam seal between the frame and your face to block ingress of unfiltered light. The frame has built in, but removable insert for prescription lenses.
How to use TrueDark™ Twilight glasses?
Wear about 2 hours before going to sleep. I find even minutes are effective; however this may vary from person to person. It is best to leave the glasses on without exposure to full spectrum or artificial lighting as this would spoil the benefits of wearing the Twilights.

What do the red lenses do and don’t do?

Very effectively filter blue, yellow and green light wavelengths using patented technology. Red lenses do not filter a red-light spectrum.

Why would you want to filter blue, yellow and green light?

Blue green and yellow wavelengths are a normal part of a daylight signaling your body to stay active.
To find out why exposure to some types of light is not great for you, read article Why you need to reduce exposure to junk light.

Relevancy of Evolution

During the paleolithic era that spanned about 250,000 years, our ancestors evolved to hunter gathers that used daylight to venture out for food. After dusk they stayed in caves, camps or tent like structures to protect themselves from predators and stay warm. A big part of this protective strategy was fire that was the only source of light after sundown. Fire after dark and 250,000 years of evolution is a decent amount of time that shaped our genome to what it is today.

Our genetic programming

Or genome has very much evolved around natural day – night cycle spanning 24 hours, also called a circadian rhythm. We have built-in light sensors in our eyes that act as triggers in circadian rhythm. These sensors are really Melanopsin cells located in your eyes detecting the type of light and its intensity. Your brain then perceives this light / intensity input and determines whether it is day or night.
Full spectrum daylight acts as a trigger heightening energy production. In addition different types of hormones and neurotransmitters are being produced allowing us to stay active. At night thanks to the camp fire that produces plenty of red light signalling our body to get ready for sleep and after dark start production of hormone melatonin.

What are we not getting?

Sleep is super important and most people are not getting enough of it. You need 7 – 8 hours of good quality sleep to detoxify, repair, recover and regenerate cellular damage incurred during the day. Circadian rhythm is in charge of controlling hormone and neurotransmitter production in our bodies. A chronic lack of sleep is one of the key triggers in many diseases we suffer today, including Alzheimer.
Just to recap: Back in the days, way before the invention of electricity and light bulb we only had fire and total darkness. Mother nature in her infinite wisdom created us to function based on this simple programming. The same is still true today in a world of constantly rushing after something, flickering colours trying to get your attention and perpetual artificial lighting of never ending day. While this is today’s norm this lifestyle also contributes to inflammation making us pay the price with our health.


Twilight glasses help to control inflammation caused by junk light, have calming effect, help me focus better and are synergistic with production of important neurotransmitter melatonin.


Twilight glasses are a small investment for a great return. In my mind well justified just for the improved quality of sleep alone!
Highly recommended, give them a try.

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