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TrueDark™ Daywalker Glasses – Review

A while ago I purchased TrueDark™ Twilight and Daywalker eyeglass set from TrueDark.

In this review, we will examine the Daywalker glasses with yellow lenses.

The purpose of the funky color is to filter out the blue light and other junk light wavelengths.  These in turn negatively impact your energy levels and health.

To find out why exposure to some types of light is not great for you, read article Why you need to reduce exposure to junk light.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the effects these glasses have on my well being. You can feel the reduction in eye strain and even stress. Somehow the brain is not working as hard as normally. More energy is freed for improvement in creative thinking.

Since the purchase, I have been wearing the Daywalker glasses at home during the day and evenings. I use Daywalkers while working on the computer starring into two two of my giant LED back-lit screens. Daywalkers make a great addition for an office full of florescent lighting.

It is not recommended to take the glasses on and off as it may actually increase the levels of physiological stress.

I found daywalker glasses very effective while driving, especially improving focus and overall night driving experience. Daywalkers significantly reduce glare and impact of the junk light outdoors coming from other vehicles, signs and buildings encountered along the roads.

I'm definitely sold on Daywalkers function wise. The lenses are optically clear without any distortion. The glasses are lightweight, yet robust and extremely well fitting.

Use water and glass wipes for easy cleaning.

I'm so impressed with the product that I have ordered a new set of TrueDark Daywalker Elans that sport stylish aluminium frames and are very presentable in the public. I will review the Elans once I get to wear them for a while.

To find out more about DayWalker glasses click the image just below this text.


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