Earthing, It is Free!

Earthing or Grounding

Feeling tired, not sleeping well? One of the remedies you are looking for may be earthing or grounding.

So, what exactly is earthing?

Earthing also called grounding is re-establishing connection with the earth using electrical conductivity. The purpose is to negatively charge your cells. When your cellular energy balance is more toward positive charge, you are likely to experience a variety of physical and even psychological ailments. 

Why is Earthing important?

Human species have evolved over hundred of thousands of years walking mostly barefoot, in constant contact with negatively charged earth’s surface.  Spending majority of time outdoors, walking barefoot had a great impact on evolution of our genome or genetic programming. Nowadays, we are hardly in contact with the earth anymore. We wear non conductive shoe soles, live in non conductive buildings. Most of us barely ever walk barefoot over real living earth or foliage.

As we live and metabolize, our cells generate positively charged exhaust, just like your car engine. Our bodies have several mechanisms designed to retain its negative charge by eliminating this waste.  Breathing out, sweating, doing number one and number two. Sounds familiar?

Today, given our modern lifestyle, we generate ever more oxidative stress and positive charged waste products. Accumulation of these is detrimental to optimal cell health and going against our genetic programming. Cells need to be negatively charged in order to efficiently signal. Yes, your cells need to efficiently communicate with one another. One of the best examples is your awesome brain, which is a neural network of about 100 billion nerve cells that are interconnected in spectacular ways. If your neurons don't connect optimally, you will experience cognitive or psychological decline.

Benefits of Earthing:

Spending time in contact with earth will dissipate the positive charge into the ground causing your cells to recover. 
I read some research papers indicating benefits of earthing to cancer patients, chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers or people with depression. Don't take my word for it, do your own research please. To me, this is a no brainer. I’m no stranger to severe depression that plagued me for a good portion of my adult life. I'm pleased to say that through study, experimentation and lifestyle modifications, I completely eliminated depression out of my life.

How to do Earthing?

The simplest way to earth is to immerse your bare feet in the grass, soil in your garden or forest, lake or sea.  Take a nap in the grass while enjoying sunshine. Touch or if you wish, hug a tree. Hugging a wet tree is even better as moisture helps to increase electrical conductivity.

I practice earthing daily. I drink my morning coffee outdoors as long as there is no snow on the ground. If it is cold, I do it anyway, up to about -5 degrees Celsius. During the vegetation season, as weather permits, I eat my lunch outside and put my feet in the grass. I walk outside barefoot every chance I get. Earthing does wonders for my health, well being and energy levels.
How long should you earth for? If you have only a few seconds or one minute, do it anyway. A few seconds is better than no time at all. I don’t know how much time is optimal, all I know is that our hunter gatherer ancestors were going about their daily business outdoors in direct contact with surfaces of nature.

When the weather is not cooperating or you can't make the time to go outside, use modern products developed specifically for grounding indoors. Check out conductive bed sheets, conductive workstation mats and other items.

Try earthing outdoors, the true and tested invention by mother nature. You can’t go wrong. It is Free and most effective method to improve your health and well being!

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