Start building sustainable future. What a sustainable future city could look like.

Start Building a Sustainable Future

I wrote this blog about sustainable future back in 2010, but it seems even more relevant as it was then.

On daily basis I look around and watch reports on CNN about the politics, economic situation, climate change crisis and wonder about our direction as a society.

In this context, it is not unlike looking at a fish bowl. You upset the conditions in the bowl, the fish will not thrive...

I came to following conclusions:
The human interaction with the nature, one another and its effects on the planet Earth is rooted in our mindset, the way our brains are wired, the inputs and programming we are receiving from the family, society, from the media all resulting in the ways we treat this planet today.

We made much progress as species in a very short time to the detriment of our planet and ourselves. However, being at the top of the food chain makes us obligated to figure out a way out of current predicament. That statement may actually come as a surprise to a lot of people.

Yeah, every one of us bears the responsibility and at some point we will collectively be accountable for our actions to the future generations. We will require a creation of a fundamental paradigm shift, away from demand for instant gratification and collecting excess wealth without giving back to the planet and society. There are ways of achieving the balance between our needs and wants. Let's start working on the right type of legacy.

We need to examine the history and re-learn how to plan for the future, the skills that kept our ancestors alive and our presence possible.

Examine the more recent lessons learned. Take for example the “own the podium” approach adopted for Olympics that has turned into a lot of gold for Canada in more than one way. Why not continue with the same philosophy that generated incredible performance and demonstrated leadership?

I think most people will agree that we have an acute need for leadership role to seize the incredible opportunity in the front of us and build the new economy on Carbon ashes of the old one (which is not working too well, is it..).

Educate, retool for the new economy, put people back to work in the present for the future. Figure out the lifecycles, plan, execute...

I’m not by any means a tree hugger or a green crusader. I developed my perspective over past many years looking at what is going on this planet and came to conclusion that it is moving way too slow towards a sustainable future.

At the present day, it is no longer feasible and strategic to look at our doings from a 30 000 foot view. Instead, we have to learn to look at the Earth as if we were sitting in the space. This face view of a slowly rotating planet is needed in order to understand this complex ecosystem with all its political, social, economic, geographic, cultural, ecological, etc. etc. variables. It is important to understand these variables interact with one another in the closed environment that WE are sharing.

There are solutions and I believe that we can turn the challenges we face into opportunities that will benefit us all, but we need to be cognizant of the fact that time is working against us and that we need to work together without too much politicizing the present climate and economic crisis.

Start Building Sustainable Future.

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